Church Hill Studio 

The Lost Lending Library 

Punchdrunk Enrichment 

Calling all young people with great imaginations. At 314 floors high and with 78 spiral side departments, The Lost Lending Library houses the largest collection of books and stories in the world. Books of all sizes and colours are crammed together on its shelves, stories bursting into life from their covers.  

The Lost Lending Library leaps from place to place for a very special reason. It only goes where it knows it can find the most precious stories — those written by young people with great imaginations. 

The guardians of The Lost Lending Library need your assistance. A new department has appeared and its shelves are empty. Can you help to fill them with stories? 

A feast for young imaginations, this immersive experience is for young people aged 6–11 years and their parents or carers. Punchdrunk Enrichment creates immersive, theatrical experiences that celebrate the power of the imagination. Since 2008 it has opened doors to magical worlds for young people in education, family and community settings. 

‘Gorgeously realised, packed with fun details and magical ideas.’ The Stage