On a train in Europe, headed for England, are a mixed group of travellers.  A young socialite called Iris Carr is suffering from sunstroke after standing for some time on the platform waiting for the train.  Once on board, she is befriended  by the kindly Miss Froy who is sharing her carriage, along with a haughty Baroness, a shady doctor, and a suspicious honeymoon couple.  Iris falls asleep after luncheon, and wakes to find that Miss Froy has disappeared!  The other passengers ominously deny she ever existed, so Iris begins to investigate with the help of two other travellers, Max Hare and the Professor.  The trio uncover more questions than answers and Iris begins to question her sanity as the evidence stacks up against Miss Froy’s existence.  Who is the strange patient in the compartment next door?  What influence does the Baroness have over the passengers?  How does Iris prove she isn’t mad?  Why does the waiter look familiar?

This play is based on the original novel ‘The Wheel Spins’ by Ethel Lina White.  In 1938 the novel became the subject of a classic film adaptation by Alfred Hitchcock and was renamed ‘The Lady Vanishes’.  With the best of both the novel and the film, this play adaptation is wonderfully funny and gripping!